RoboSkin offers human-like sensing for robots

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BeBop Sensors, a developer of smart fabric sensor technologies, has announced the BeBop Sensors RoboSkin line of skin-like coverings for tactile awareness for humanoid robots and prosthetics.

Described as “a true nervous system for robots” the sensor is less than 1mm thick and is currently the only technology that fits all robotic body parts whether limbs, fingers, feet, head, and torso, to make robots ‘feel’ better.

The advanced fabric-based sensor skin can be shaped to any surface allowing quick tailoring to fit any robot, with spatial resolution and sensitivity that, according to the company, exceeds human abilities.

Despite advances in robotics, such as vision and listening, the sense of touch has been missing, and is a sense that is seen as essential in delivering practical human/robot interaction.

As new robot solutions are developed many will need to be able to interact and learn by sense of touch and feel. Flexible and reliable, BeBop Sensors’ RoboSkin has been developed to provide this essential touch factor, with technology based on BeBop’s fabric sensors.

With record numbers of people leaving the work force so more human-like robots are being used to augment humans in the workplace, hospitals, and homes; with roles in healthcare, as domestic help, in manufacturing, distribution, biohazards, and even in entertainment and companionship roles.

Founder Keith McMillen said, “I have been working with roboticists refining our RoboSkin for 10 years. We are pleased we can make this important contribution to the worldwide effort to bring humanoid robots into our lives to help people live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.”

RoboSkin is available immediately for a variety of applications in robotics and prosthetics, including biohazard, digital health, IoT, VR/AR, automotive, law enforcement and testing.