Renesas adds Linux to SH7203 offering

Linux is becoming increasingly popular for embedded applications, with the availability of open source software speeding time to market. Responding to this, Renesas has made a µCLinux board support package and toolchain available for its SH7203 processor. The move, made in association with MPC Data, is targeted at Renesas’ RSK7203plus development board.

“With the increasing popularity of Linux in embedded applications, and the increased performance of embedded microcontrollers, this highly stable, proven µClinux BSP gives SH-2A application developers a great starting platform to take forward Linux applications into product development and production” said Phil Buckley, MPC Data’s Linux Embedded Business Group Director. “This small version of Linux is designed to work in a small footprint,” he added. Joachim Hüpper, marketing manager for Renesas’ Consumer-Industrial Business Unit, noted: “We are pleased to complement our SH-2A family of microcontrollers with µCLinux. The combination of the RSK7203plus development board and the new µCLinux BSP gives developer a good out of the box experience when using the SH-2A family.”