Reeco and Omron to develop mobile robot solutions for the UK

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Reeco Automation, a specialist in Collaborative Robot (Cobot) applications, has been appointed Omron’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions partner.

The partnership has been established to enable the two companies to offer time-saving operational efficiencies that address the logistical, warehousing and end-of-line challenges faced by UK manufacturers, distributors and large retailers.

This latest venture between the two companies follows the joint development of Reeco’s RB1200 palletiser, which features an Omron TM12 collaborative robot. Designed to accommodate a wide range of pallet and box dimensions, the RB1200’s modular design provides flexibility and enables simple programming for rapid redeployment.

As part of the agreement, Reeco will shortly receive delivery of the first HD-1500 Mobile Robot in the UK which boasts a unique payload capacity of up to 1500kg.

Llewelyn Rees, Managing Director at Reeco, said that the ongoing partnership with Omron would help to transform the future of logistics operations. He said: “Companies designing factory floor space are already considering forklift-free zones and autonomous movement of materials."

The collaboration strengthens the existing relationship between Reeco and Omron with a complete end-of-line packaging solution on offer. Omron’s UK General Manager, Sam Tilley, said: “Developing strong, bi-directional partnerships with world class solution providers is key to helping the UK manufacturing sector thrive in the future.

“The success of the RB1200 is a testament to the hard work put in by Reeco and Omron. This further development in our relationship opens up even more opportunities for us to collaborate and position the UK as a force in the manufacturing sector for years to come.”