Raspberry Pi wins MacRobert Medal

The team behind Raspberry Pi has won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s MacRobert Medal, one of the most prestigious engineering awards made by a UK organisation. Along with the gold medal, the team also won £50,000.

Pete Lomas, director of engineering with Norcott Technologies and designer of the Raspberry Pi, said: “I’m so pleased for the team and every member of our community that made it possible.”

More than 14million Raspberry Pis have been sold since the device was launched in February 2012, making it the most successful UK developed computer. Originally intended to capture the attention of school students, more than half of the Raspberry Pis sold have been used in industrial applications. Much of the success in the industrial world can be ascribed to support from Farnell and RS Components.

One of the latest variants is the Raspberry Pi Zero, costing just $5.

Raspberry Pi has won the MacRobert Medal at the same time as Intel has decided to stop production of its Joule, Edison and Galileo boards, perceived as competitors.