Qorvo announces 1200V Gen 4 SiC FETs

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Qorvo, a provider of core RF and power solutions, has announced a next-generation series of 1200V Silicon Carbide (SiC) Field Effect Transistors (FETs).

The UF4C/SC series has been designed for mainstream 800V bus architectures in onboard chargers for electric vehicles, industrial battery chargers, industrial power supplies, DC/DC solar inverters, as well as welding machines, uninterruptible power supplies, and induction heating applications.

Commenting Anup Bhalla, Chief Engineer, Power Devices, UnitedSiC/Qorvo, said: “Expanding our 1200V range with higher performance Gen4 options allows us to better serve the engineers who are moving their bus designs to 800V. In electric vehicles, this move to higher voltages is inevitable and these new devices, with four different RDS(on) classes, help designers select the best possible SiC choice for every design.”

Best-in-class SiC FET figures of merit include:

Figure of Merit Value

  1. RDS(on) • A 1.35 mOhm-cm2
  2. RDS(on) • Eoss 0.78 Ohm-uJ
  3. RDS(on) • Coss,tr 4.5 Ohm-pF
  4. RDS(on) • Qg 0.9 Ohm-nC

All RDS(on) options (23, 30, 53 and 70 milliohm) are offered in the industry standard 4-lead kelvin source TO-247 package, providing cleaner switching at higher performance levels. The 53 and 70 milliohm devices are also available in the TO-247 3-lead package.

This series of parts, according to Qorvo, provide improved reliability, based on the well-managed thermal performance, which is a result of an advanced silver-sinter die attach and advanced wafer-thinning process.

All 1200V SiC FETs are also included in FET-Jet Calculator, a free online design tool that allows for instant evaluation of efficiency, component losses, and junction temperature rise of devices used in a wide variety of AC/DC and isolated/non-isolated DC/DC converter topologies.

Single and paralleled devices can be compared under user-specified heat-sinking conditions to enable optimum solutions.