Plessey’s new manufacturing method for Green coloured LEDs

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Plessey has developed its proprietary 2D planar gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) process to emit Green light without the need for colour conversion techniques.

To produce Green light, LED manufacturers typically apply phosphors or quantum dot conversion materials to native Blue LEDs. These materials then convert short wavelength, typically 450nm, Blue light to Red or Green wavelengths with typically 10% to 30% efficiency.

Plessey’s native Green LEDs are formed inherently using its proprietary GaN-on-Si epitaxial growth process similar to the native Blue LEDs with the principal difference coming in the amount of indium that is incorporated in the quantum well structures of the LED. With no colour conversion losses, the native Green emission is orders of magnitude times brighter than colour converted process for microLEDs.

It features a dominant Green wavelength of 530nm and a full width half maximum wavelength of 31nm, making it suitable for colour displays. Additionally, the Green emission exhibits what Plessey describes as outstanding wavelength stability versus current density.

Plessey reports that its Green native GaN delivers higher luminance than standard Blue device with Green colour conversion techniques, while its new manufacturing method for Green coloured LEDs delivers a world leading light output for microLED displays.