Pickering Interfaces announces Partner Programme with System Integrators

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Pickering Interfaces, a supplier of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification, has launched the Pickering Partner Programme.

The programme has been designed to ensure that customers get the support they need from the best available systems integrator in their region for their application or requirements.

“Customers are working on more complex and diverse systems, and they may need a more complete product or service offering than we can provide,” explained Joe Woodford, Pickering Interfaces’ International Sales and Partner Program Manager. “The Pickering Partner Programme will enable end customers in manufacturing sectors such as defence, aerospace, automotive and semiconductor, to capitalize on Pickering’s technology and utilize the systems and technology expertise of a systems integrator which is most closely matched to their application or requirement.”

Customers can visit the Pickering website where they will be able to apply a number of filters – region, technology, market, product, software – which will lead them to the most appropriate Pickering Partner. The page currently contains links to approaching 30 systems integrators who have signed up for the programme in the USA, Asia and Europe.

Pickering said that it had thoroughly evaluated all partners – many of them have been Pickering customers for many years. By signing up for the Pickering Partner Programme, they are formalising an existing relationship.

Systems integrator Partners will benefit from a closer contractual agreement with Pickering and will have access to a number of resources and tools to help them deliver the best overall solution for their customers. According to Woodford, “Our philosophy is based on three pillars: Design, Deploy, Sustain. We want our Partners to be closely involved in the design discussions with customers and help in the deployment stage as they will ultimately deliver turnkey systems based on our technology. Our main goal is to improve the customer experience.”