Perforce launches SaaS offering of Helix Core Version Control

1 min read

Perforce Software, a provider of enterprise DevOps solutions, is making available the Helix Core Cloud, a Perforce-managed and hosted offering of their version control platform, Helix Core.

The Helix Core Cloud is currently used by leading game studios, VFX houses, and some of the largest semiconductor firms and is now available as a turnkey, pre-configured solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for teams 50 and under.

With a growing number of distributed teams working across different industries on complex projects with expanding dimensions of scale, such as large file sizes and number of assets, many organisations have started to use Helix Core to efficiently track and secure their IP, enable global collaboration, and accelerate development, according to Perforce.

Early adopters have talked about the greater flexibility and ease of use the new offering provides. 

"We designed Helix Core Cloud with startups and individual creators in mind," explained Brad Hart, CTO and VP of Product Management at Perforce. "With the types of projects our customers have, from video games and movies to custom SoCs—the size and number of assets that need to be managed gets large quickly. Just because your team is small, doesn't mean your needs are."

"Helix Core Cloud is suitable for teams who need scalable version control, but don't have dedicated resources or IT expertise to install, configure, and maintain a server," continued Hart. "Helix Core Cloud removes those administration challenges and lets these teams focus on their work."

To get started with Helix Core Cloud, customers simply select a seat count and a Helix Core server pre-configured with best practices is deployed in minutes.

Perforce then handles all the backend server administration, such as updating the OS, performing backups and restores, and updating to the latest version of Helix Core. Each Helix Core Cloud plan includes 64 GB of storage and 64 GB of monthly egress. Users can purchase additional storage or additional seats any time after signup.

Helix Core Cloud is available through the Azure Marketplace.