Partnership brings position detection modules to UWB development kits

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Murata has announced that it is partnering with MobileKnowledge in a move that combines Ultra-wideband (UWB) expertise with a range of products and in-depth customer support.

MobileKnowledge’s UWB development kits provide tools to evaluate and design solutions for accurate position detection in IoT devices, leveraging NXP’s UWB Trimension technology. It is a UWB engineering consultant and specialises in UWB development kits offering a wide variety of tools, created to meet the needs of specific segments of the IoT ecosystem.

The MK UWB Kit SR150/SR040 is a comprehensive reference design and development platform for UWB-based IoT solutions. The MK UWB Kit Mobile Edition is the first development kit that allows users to evaluate UWB interoperability with Apple and Android mobile devices. The MK UWB Kit RTLS supports the deployment of accurate indoor localisation systems using Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) technique.

Each kit features ready-to-run demonstration apps, reference hardware including Arduino compatible development boards, 3D Angle of Arrival (AoA) support and reference software examples to enable fast prototyping.

In this partnership, MobileKnowledge and Murata will also develop specific IoT reference use cases to accelerate the adoption of UWB technology in the IoT ecosystem.

MobileKnowledge will offer UWB development kits integrating the Murata Type 2BP and Type 2DK NXP based modules. The Type 2BP features NXP’s Trimension SR150 UWB chipset, providing enhanced and secure ranging with 3D AoA.

Designed for deployment in both larger infrastructures, such as indoor positioning anchors, and in consumer products like game consoles, the Type 2BP is highly compatible with MobileKnowledge’s range of solutions.

The Type 2DK is designed with minimal power draw, enabling integration across several portable devices.

Leveraging on NXP’s Trimension SR040 UWB chipset and QN9090’s (Bluetooth LE + MCU chipset) efficient power management, the Type 2DK can run off a single coin-cell battery. The combined UWB and Bluetooth LE capabilities of Type 2DK make it suitable for location tags, such as personal and asset trackers, supporting the latest market requirements.

The flexibility provided by both modules will help customers meet the evolving requirements of UWB for IoT. Both the Type 2BP and Type 2DK modules control PHY/MAC operation within the IC in accordance with the FiRa Consortium specifications, ensuring interoperability with the growing IoT ecosystem.

“Throughout the design process of the UWB modules,” said Rui Ramalho, Product Manager, Connectivity Module for Murata, “it was vital that the end products offered easy integration, high levels of reliability and unmatched flexibility. MobileKnowledge’s all-in-one platform is a perfect fit for both the Type 2DK and 2BP, and we are excited to see the future implementations of our modules”.

Pedro Martinez, CEO of MobileKnowledge, stated, “In partnering with Murata we can use both their extensive wireless communication portfolio and knowledge as well as their manufacturing dependability and strong IoT market presence to provide the highest quality development solutions and increase our visibility to IoT solution providers. MobileKnowledge UWB development kits have already helped our customers to integrate accurate positioning in numerous IoT applications. Now with Murata’s innovative modules and technical experience, they will have access to the latest hardware, development tools and reference IoT use cases.”