Osram and Infineon bring NFC programming to lighting

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Osram and Infineon Technologies are working together to enable Near Field Communication (NFC) programming for the lighting industry.

In a move that's intended to reduce complexity and encourage greater functionality and efficiency Osram’s OPTOTRONIC FIT product family now features Infineon’s NLM0011 and NLM0010 dual-mode NFC wireless configuration integrated circuits (ICs) with pulse width modulation (PWM).

NFC programming is an emerging technology that's designed to replace the time-consuming resistor-setting techniques via a contactless NFC interface. The integrated constant lumen output (CLO) functions additionally help saving energy by maintaining the luminous flux over an extended luminaire lifecycle. The NFC interface solution allows for more cost-efficient, non-dimmable LED driver products.

Operational efficiency is improved by enabling automatic in-line or batch programming in production, which also creates significant flexibility throughout the entire LED value chain and LED luminaire life cycle: Luminaire parameters like lumen output and CLO settings can be programmed during the installation.

The Osram Tuner4TRONIC Smartphone App supports fine-tuning and adaption to the desired lighting requirements

“The combination of Osram’s LED Driver programming suite and Infineon’s ICs extend all the benefits of Near Field Communication to our entire awarded LED Driver range,” said Michael Huelskemper, Head of Product Management EMEA at Osram Digital Systems.

In fact, from LED driver and luminaire manufacturers to lighting service companies and end-user the combination provides a number of significant advantages including: a reduced number of LED driver variants, simplified LED module selection, end-of-line configuration, and high output control precision.

Logistics efficiency is also increased and costs for installation, cabling, and maintenance are significantly reduced. The access to these features is fully controllable by the luminaire manufacturer thanks to security features provided by the App and the new IC.