Open platform SoC tracks multiple global navigation systems

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STMicroelectronics has announced the first single chip positioning device for multiple global navigation systems. The Teseo II range is a new generation of single chip stand alone positioning receivers for portable navigation devices, in car navigation and telematics applications.

According to ST, the SoCs are the industry's first monolithic devices capable of receiving signals from multiple satellite navigation systems, including GPS, GALILEO (European global navigation satellite system), GLONASS and QZSS. The devices have been designed to acquire the position, velocity and time data from all major global navigation systems and improve position accuracy and navigation in poor satellite visibility conditions. The chips also feature short signal acquisition times. The range comprises automotive grade product versions, qualified to AEC-Q100, a stress test qualification for automotive integrated circuits, and manufactured using ST's automotive production flow methodology aimed at zero parts per million failure rate. The positioning receiver integrates an ARM9 core for on chip data processing and peripherals such as USB 2.0, controller area network, a/d converter, I2C, multi channel serial port), and general purpose I/Os. Fabio Marchio, Automotive Product Group vice president and general manager of ST's Automotive Infotainment Divisionm, said: "Teseo II is the world's first single chip solution able to acquire and track signals from satellites of multiple global navigation systems … that are operational today, as well as Europe's upcoming GALILEO. The superior positioning accuracy, combined with powerful processing capabilities and open platform approach, makes ST's Teseo II chips an ideal choice for next generation navigation and telematics applications, where cost effectiveness meets uncompromised performance." Samples of ST's Teseo II receivers (STA8088EX) are available and volume production is scheduled for Q3 2011.