NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module targets next-gen autonomous machines

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Nvidia has announced the launch of the Jetson AGX Xavier module, the latest addition to the company’s Jetson TX2 and TX1 family of products.

According to the company, developers will be able to use the module to build autonomous machines – from delivery robots to manufacturing robots that collaborate with humans.

The Jetson AGX Xavier module can serve as the powerful brain behind any robot and deliver the performance of a workstation server in a computer that fits in the palm of a hand.

Consuming as little as 10 watts, the module will enable companies to go into volume production with applications developed on the Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit, bringing next-generation robots and other autonomous machines to market more quickly.

The module has been designed to leverage NVIDIA’s AI platform, which is used for numerous AI applications. This includes a complete set of tools and workflows to help developers quickly train and deploy neural networks.

It supports applications developed with the JetPack and DeepStream software development kits. JetPack is NVIDIA’s SDK for autonomous machines and includes support for AI, computer vision, multimedia and more.

The DeepStream SDK for Jetson AGX Xavier enables streaming analytics, bringing AI to IoT and smart city applications. Developers can build multi-camera and multi-sensor applications to detect and identify objects of interest, such as vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

These SDKs save developers and companies time and money, while making it easier to add new features and functionality to machines to improve performance.

With this combination of new hardware and software, it’s now possible to deploy AI-powered robots, drones, intelligent video analytics applications and other intelligent devices at scale.

The Jetson AGX Xavier module brings accelerated computing capability to the Jetson family, which includes solutions at different performance levels and prices to suit a variety of autonomous robotic applications.

The Jetson TX2 embedded module for edge AI applications now comes in three versions: Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i and the newly available, lower cost Jetson TX2 4GB. Jetson TX1-based products can migrate to the more powerful Jetson TX2 4GB at the same price.

NVIDIA developer kits are also available for each member of the Jetson family. With these kits, companies can create and deploy multiple applications for a variety of use cases, using one unified software architecture.