Number of 5G devices announced passes the 700 milestone

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The GSA has confirmed a major milestone in the commercial availability of 5G devices with the number of announced devices now surpassing 700 for the first time.

The new “5G Devices: April 2021 – Executive Summary” report has revealed that among the 703 announced 5G devices, the total number of commercially available 5G devices now stands at 431, which is an increase of more than 28% over the last quarter and represents 61.3% of all announced 5G devices.

The report shows that by end-March 2021, GSA had identified:

  • 22 announced form factors
  • 122 vendors who had announced available or forthcoming 5G devices.
  • 703 announced devices (including regional variants, but excluding operator-branded devices that are essentially rebadged versions of other phones), including 431 that are understood to be commercially available:
  • 351 phones (up 45 from February), at least 298 of which are now commercially available (up 24 in a month).
  • 132 FWA CPE devices (indoor and outdoor), of which 50 are now commercially available.
  • 91 modules
  • 37 industrial/enterprise routers/gateways/modems.
  • 36 hotspots.
  • 14 laptops (notebooks).
  • 8 tablets.
  • 34 other devices (including drones, head-mounted displays, in-vehicle routers/modems/hotspots, robots, TVs, USB terminals/dongles/modems, cameras, femtocells/small cells, repeaters, vehicle OBUs, a snap-on dongle/adapter, a switch, a vending machine and an encoder).

“The continued growth in 5G devices across all form factors points to a global market that is scaling up to meet the commercial demand for 5G services, including mobile broadband, fixed wireless access and industrial IoT,” commented Joe Barrett, President of the Global mobile Suppliers Association. “More than 150 operators in 64 markets have now launched live 5G services, and we are seeing the vendor ecosystem respond with new 5G devices that can unlock the new experiences and revenue opportunities that these services promise.”