Next gen rfid transponder provides ‘maximum flexibility’

1 min read

Atmel has released a low frequency rfid transponder device designed to help the development of flexible, high performance tag devices.

The ATA5577M1330C-PP is optimised for applications in building access control systems, industrial automation, as well as key fobs and transponders. It provides a stand alone, fully functional tag that includes an antenna coil trimmed to an operating frequency of 125kHz. The device provides data rates from RF/2 to RF/128 (64 to 1kBit/s at 125kHz), modulation and a variety of coding schemes. The digital analogue front end register (AFE) enables the chip's analogue front end circuitry to adapt to the transponder and reader system for increased performance. Atmel claims the ATA5577M1330C-PP is the only device on the market where the analogue behaviour can be tuned in a closed and sealed transponder. By eliminating the need to open the transponder for tuning, the on chip AFE register is said to help simplify the design and production process. The package moulding allows the transponder to be used in rugged environments including underwater, on metal or in dirt.