New approach to embedded Linux development

1 min read

MontaVista Software has announced what it describes as a 'revolutionary' new approach to embedded Linux development.

According to the embedded Linux specialist, the platform will allow commercial device developers a great deal of flexibility to design and deliver products tailored for their target market. MontaVista Linux 6 has been designed to provide a complete embedded Linux development environment – including market specific distributions, development tools and support and maintenance to leverage the semiconductor Linux technology and resources from the open source community. This approach to embedded Linux could align the embedded Linux supply chain. Jim Ready, cto and founder of MontaVista, said: "In the current market, customers are often forced to make a difficult decision on which Linux technology to start a project with: open source, their semiconductor partner's Linux technology, or a commercial distribution. That decision always involves making compromises and can be difficult to move away from once development has begun. With the release of MontaVista Linux 6, we are taking a huge step forward in aligning the Linux supply chain, giving our customers the flexibility to start quickly, maximise their hardware investment, and harness the full power of Linux and the open source community. Our customers no longer have to settle or compromise." MontaVista Linux 6 is in use by beta customers today, and will be generally available in July, 2009.