Molex makes investment in wireless power antenna developer

1 min read

Molex has made what it calls a strategic investment in NuCurrent, a US based developer of wireless power antenna technology.

"NuCurrent's wireless power antenna capabilities dovetail with our business strategy of helping customers bring pioneering products to market," said Lily Yeung, director of business development for Molex. "Wireless device charging has the potential to drastically change how the world powers its phones and other portable devices and Molex is thrilled to be involved in the early stages of this emerging technology." NuCurrent has made strides in developing novel structures for low resistance antennas. Althought developed initially for medical devices, the company is now focusing on consumer wireless power applications. Compared to standard antennas, NuCurrent claims its antennas offer higher efficiency, smaller size, longer battery life, greater transmission distance, lower heating and direct integration with circuitry. "Being able to tap into the engineering expertise at Molex, as well as the global reach of its manufacturing capabilities and sales force, will be an enormous benefit," said Jacob Babcock, NuCurrent's founder and CEO. "We look forward to the future as we partner with Molex to expand the reach of our innovative solutions."