Modules support high throughput streaming applications

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A family of high-performance PXI remote control and bus extension modules featuring PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity has been launched by National Instruments.

“As technologies converge into smarter devices under test, you increasingly need to build smarter test and measurement systems that leverage the latest processing and data movement capabilities in order to lower the cost of test or improve coverage,” said Luke Schreier, NI’s director of automated test marketing. “This new family of remote control modules augments our existing portfolio of PCI Express Gen 3 chassis and embedded controllers and more than doubles the throughput for multichassis systems.”

The PCIe-8398 host interface card is said to communicate over a fully transparent PCI Express Gen 3 x16 link to either the single-port PXIe-8398 or the dual-port PXIe-8399 remote control module, offering a sustained data throughput of up to 13.7Gbyte/s. According to the company, engineers can use the second port on the PXIe-8399 to daisy chain additional chassis, making it possible to directly interface multiple PXI Express chassis to a single host computer.

Meanwhile, the PXIe-8394 bus extension module supports peer-to-peer streaming at up to 6.8Gbyte/s between chassis-separated instruments. In addition, the PXIe-8394 allows high-throughput communication with peripherals that typically operate with substantial data sets.