Mid range scope is result of ‘largest development effort yet’

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Looking to meet today’s design challenges, Tektronix has completed what it claims to be its largest development effort yet with the announcement of the 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope.

“It’s new in every regard,” said Chris Godfrey, oscilloscope business development manager for EMEA. “There’s a new ASIC with A/D converter, more channels, tighter integration and more flexibility. A lot of thought has been put into the design and how engineers will use it.”

Amongst the innovations claimed for the device is the first technology that allows either four, six or eight analogue channels, along with up to 64 digital channels. Other features include integrated protocol analysis and signal generator, a 12bit signal acquisition system and a high-definition capacitive touch display.

Designed to be flexible, capable and easy to use, the 5 Series MSO incorporates a newly designed front end amplifier said to lower noise by about 4.5dB compared to previous generation devices. It also uses a proprietary 12bit A/D converter and boasts a High Res mode that supports a vertical resolution of 16 bit.

The default input is a TekVPI+ connector that accepts all TekVPI analog probes. However, when the TLP058 Logic Probe is used, the input is converted to eight digital channels.

The scope features a 15.6in capacitive touch supporting displays of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Users can access controls using objects on the display, but can also drive the oscilloscope using a mouse and front-panel controls.

A removable solid state drive allows the 5 Series MSO to be used as a dedicated scope or to be based on a Windows PC platform that allows users to run other programs.