Microsemi builds PUF into PolarFire FPGAs

1 min read

Looking to boost the security features of its PolarFire FPGAs, Microsemi is including Intrinsic ID’s SRAM based physical unclonable function (SRAM PUF) in the devices.

The SRAM PUF hardware is said to serve as a primary security element in PolarFire FPGAs, protecting IP against cloning and reverse engineering. In addition, it provides secure supply chain assurance for devices featuring PolarFire FPGAs.

QUIDDIKEY-FLEX from Intrinsic ID combines the passive zeroisation feature of volatile memory with tamper-resistant non volatile key storage. When the power to the SRAM PUF is off, the key effectively becomes invisible.

“Our collaboration with Intrinsic ID to implement its QUIDDIKEY-FLEX SRAM-PUF has enabled us to further serve the demanding security needs of our growing FPGA customer base,” said Bruce Weyer, a Microsemi business unit manager.

Intrinsic ID’s CEO Pim Tuyls added: “The version of the QUIDDIKEY-FLEX SRAM PUF used in PolarFire FPGAs is some of the most sophisticated IP we have delivered for key storage and device identification and reflects our successful collaboration with Microsemi to provide the most secure programmable mid-range FPGAs.”