Micro:bit Educational Foundation partners with OKdo

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OKdo, the global technology company, has announced it has partnered with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation to distribute the new micro:bit.

Using its extensive distribution network OKdo will be able to support the Foundation’s aim of extending the reach of the BBC micro:bit, so that every child in the world has the possibility of learning digital creativity and computing skills.

Gareth Stockdale, CEO of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, explained: “We launched the micro:bit to help children shape the world around them by using computational thinking and technology to unlock their creative potential and enhance their life choices in the 21st century. We’re excited to partner with OKdo because they have the capability to help us reach new markets, inspire new generations and support our objectives for the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.”

This new revision of the pocket-sized BBC micro:bit, the first significant update since its launch in 2016, now incorporates a built-in loudspeaker and microphone. With its enhanced audio and voice capabilities, children will be able to expand their creative skills while continuing to benefit from all the features and functions of the original micro:bit.

Hands-on learning both inside and outside of the classroom is an essential part of children developing a passion for new technologies early in their educational development. To support this, the micro:bit hardware is now powerful enough to run machine learning systems, and the Foundation will support this with new resources in the future, again significantly extending the range of learning opportunities possible from this cost-effective, accessible, and compact computer.

Commenting Lindsley Ruth, CEO Electrocomponents, said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and to be supporting the launch of the BBC micro:bit version 2. Since its launch in 2016, the micro:bit has helped over 25 million children to learn computing and digital creativity skills, and we’re extremely pleased to make our contribution to extending the reach of the micro:bit and get it in the hands of every child, whether that’s through OKdo, or through our global distribution networks in RS Components and Allied Electronics in North America. Our involvement with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation is at the very heart of our own ambitions of providing technology solutions that can change the world.“

The new version of the micro:bit will be available from mid-November and can be purchased through OKdo as well as through its sister companies – RS Components globally and Allied Electronics in North America.