MICLEDI announces first Red AlInGaP microLED demo units

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MICLEDI Microdisplays, a technology company specialising in the field of microLED (µLED) displays for high-end Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, has produced its first demonstration units of Red µLEDs on AlInGaP starting material.

The newest addition to its portfolio of R, G and B µLEDs follows the company’s strategy of optimised display module performance and is manufactured in a CMOS compatible flow, free of arsenide.

MICLEDI aims to deliver consumer AR glasses by making the best individual colour-performing µLEDs, which when coupled with its proprietary micro-lenses can be integrated into the highest performing full-colour 3-panel µLED display module.

Different applications (true consumer, industrial, automotive, and others) require different optimal performance parameters.

MICLEDI CEO Sean Lord observed that, “There is no one-size-fits-all solution for AR glasses. This achievement, with our previously announced blue, green and red GaN µLEDs, opens the door to a broader offering of display module performance parameters which enables MICLEDI to serve customers developing AR glasses from medium to high resolution and medium to high brightness.”

Dr. Soeren Steudel, co-founder and CTO, added, “Using advanced photolithography available in world-class 300mm wafer fabs assures that µLEDs made by MICLEDI will achieve lowest defectivity, highest process control and repeatability, and capitalizes on the symbiosis in manufacturing that comes from building our µLEDs in the same fabs and fab processes that advanced ASICs for µLED control and driving are made. Through partnerships with world-leading developers of starting materials and our healthy collaboration with IMEC and other fab partners, we will demonstrate at CES µLEDs with excellent colour performance across the full range of drive currents for many different types of AR glasses appliances in blue, green and two optimized versions of red.”

MICLEDI’s first red on GaN is solidly in the red range with wavelength centred at 620nm and good FWHM of < 50nm. This announcement of red on AlInGaP achieves 653nm wavelength at extremely narrow FWHM of < 9nm.

MICLEDI’s newest addition to its portfolio of colours is Ferrari-red, free of arsenide, CMOS compatible, and designed with a new structure as compared to standard GaN microLEDs.

According to MICLEDI its 3-panel approach to µLED full-colour displays is uniquely positioned to achieve the highest performance standards in AR glasses.

AR glasses for indoor or semi-darkened light settings can be less efficient, less bright, and deliver less overall performance compared with outdoor sunlight settings. Best-in-class AR glasses with transparent lenses, for use all the way from low indoor light to bright outdoor sunlight, is seen as essential before high-volume consumer adoption of AR glasses will commence.