Mercury teams up with CoreAVI to provide safety-certified solutions

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Mercury Systems is teaming with CoreAVI to provide CoreAVI’s safety-certified graphics, video, and GPU compute solutions to aerospace and defense customers.

The licensing agreement between the two looks to address the growing demand for safety-critical solutions and open standards platforms in the defence market. Mercury will be the exclusive worldwide sales channel for combining CoreAVI’s software and COTS hardware for the aerospace and defence markets providing a single source for safety-critical open standard platform.

“As the demand for flight safety certification increases globally, so does the complexity and performance requirements of the computing systems powering critical avionics applications,” said Jay Abendroth, vice president, Mercury Mission. “The complementary capabilities of our Mission division in mission computing, safety-critical avionics and platform management capabilities combined with CoreAVI’s products will lead to delivering better solutions and products to customers.”

Mercury and CoreAVI also confirmed that thwt will also work together to develop and market safety-certified highly integrated artificial intelligence (AI) microelectronics technology for rugged, mission-critical enhanced situational awareness and connected autonomous systems.

“Safety is a key element in any airborne platform and as the technology in avionics applications continues to evolve, the safety criticality of both hardware and software must follow suit,” said Damian Fozard, CEO of CoreAVI. “CoreAVI is excited to partner with Mercury to offer our safety-critical graphics and compute solutions, combined with Mercury’s mission computing solutions, to support the future applications of our aerospace and defence customers.”