Maxim G3-PLC protocol approved by ITU

Maxim Integrated Products has announced that its G3-PLC protocol has been approved by the International Telecommunications Union as a new low frequency, OFDM based narrowband communications (NB-PLC) standard.

The G3-PLC standard was developed to promote open-endedness and interoperability among smart grid implementations. Currently, it is the only NB-PLC standard that supports the IPv6 internet protocol to allow new internet based energy management systems. The specification also optimises bandwidth, corrects errors and provides a higher data rate that supports two way communication for demand response and other smart grid applications. The result, says Maxim, is an increase in the performance reliability of crossing transformers, enabling a dramatic reduction in deployment costs. "The approved ITU NB-PLC family of international standards will be a fundamental building block for realising a robust smart grid anywhere in the world, and will allow utilities to start immediate deployment of NB-PLC on a worldwide basis," said ITU secretary general, Dr Hamadoun Touré.*