MagnaChips strategic display-focused partnerships

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MagnaChip Semiconductor and ELAN Microelectronics have announced a partnership.

This announcement follows MagnaChip's new initiative, in which it stated that it intends to partner with companies to develop next-generation display features of smartphones and other mobile or handheld consumer electronics devices.

The plan for the designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products and its latest partner, ELAN, developers of smart human interface applications, is to expand their capabilities of OLED displays.

With predictions of OLED smartphones to account for more than 50 per cent of all smartphones by 2021, the duo is seeking to build upon the recent growth and market penetration of OLED displays. This includes OLED display driver ICs (DDIC).

Through this particular collaboration, the two will be looking to target sectors including next-generation consumer, communication, computing and industrial products, as well as for automotive.

MagnaChip has also revealed that with customer demand for stylus input on screens increasing, it intends to bring ELAN’s stylus technologies to both rigid and flexible OLED displays.

“The series of strategic ecosystem partnerships will create a new de facto OLED display ecosystem that can help us better identify customer needs and develop best-in-class products,” said YJ Kim, Chief Executive Officer of MagnaChip. “By working together, we can also achieve innovative and high performance OLED platform solutions, shorten the OLED platform validation cycle, and reduce “design-in” costs for smartphone and other mobile solutions.”