Magnachip Semiconductor has commenced full-scale mass production of its first 120Hz High Frame Rate (HFR) OLED display driver IC (DDIC) for QHD flexible displays, following the successful product release and initial production in 2020

The frame rate refers to the number of frames (images) displayed per second on the screen, so a higher frame rate results in better image quality. Magnachip’s OLED DDIC product supports 120Hz HFR for QHD displays, which is optimised for 5G smartphones.

This OLED DDIC has been designed for 1440 x 3360 resolution screens and is being integrated into high-end 5G smartphones produced by global manufacturers. The sophisticated HFR feature along with the utilisation of advanced 28nm process technology points to Magnachip looking to establish a firm foothold in the premium 5G smartphone market.

The global 5G smartphone market is growing rapidly with the ongoing release of new 5G smartphones from the leading smartphone manufacturers. According to Omdia, a market research firm, global 5G smartphone shipments reached 220 million units in 2020 and would grow five-fold to 1,150 million units by 2023, which will account for almost 80% of all smartphone shipments that year.

“We have further strengthened our customers’ trust in and recognition of our technology and product quality with the mass production of this new DDIC,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “We will continuously build the foundation for the future design requirements and expand new opportunities for foldable and 5G smartphones.”