LSI launches Cortex-A15 based communications processor family

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LSI has introduced the Axxia 4500 family of communication processors, designed for enterprise and datacentre networking applications as well as evolving Software Defined Networks (SDN).

The Axxia 4500 family, manufactured on a 28nm process, includes up to four ARM Cortex-A15 cores with a CoreLink CCN-504 coherent interconnect. LSI's Virtual Pipeline technology is said to allow equipment developers to reconfigure the processors for optimal performance on a packet by packet basis. "As more business and personal information moves to the cloud, the need to access data quickly and securely from any location, at any time, is critical and is forcing customers to look at new ways to manage this traffic," said Jim Anderson, general manager of LSI's Networking Solutions Group. "The networks that carry the data are being tasked to do more than ever before and the Axxia 4500 communication processor family is purpose built to deliver the high performance required by these demanding trends." LSI will begin sampling the Axxia 4500 in Q4. For an in-depth article about the new family click here.