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Low power X-ray AFE offers 'highest image quality in industry'

Analog Devices has introduced a new digital X-ray analogue front end (AFE) which it claims has the industry's lowest noise performance in multiple power mode options, as well as the highest image quality.

The 256 channel ADAS1256 is also said to be the industry's first single chip solution to integrate the complete charge to digital conversion signal chain by incorporating low noise programmable charge amplifiers, correlated double sampling circuitry, and 16bit a/d converters. With a noise figure of an equivalent charge of 560 electrons at a 2picocoulomb full scale range, the module is designed to enable high resolution digital X-ray images while reducing patient exposure to X-ray dose. "By achieving this level of performance while adhering to a strict power budget, the ADAS1256 provides medical equipment designers with a single device that serves the growing high performance requirements of the portable digital X-ray market," said Pat O'Doherty, vp of the healthcare group at Analog Devices.