Lattice expands Automate solution stack

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Lattice Semiconductor has announced the launch of the latest version of its Lattice Automate solution stack.

Automate supports industrial automation systems featuring new real-time networking capabilities, AI-based predictive maintenance, increased processor performance and scalability, and more flexible configurations.

Lattice has also announced the release of an updated version of the Lattice Propel embedded design environment to help simplify the development of industrial automation systems with improved performance and added functionality supporting RISC-V soft processor cores.

“Enabling our customers to accelerate their development process without sacrificing performance and power is one of our key goals at Lattice,” said Matt Dobrodziej, Vice President of Segment Marketing and Business Development at Lattice. “The latest versions of Automate and Propel bring exciting new capabilities that make it easier than ever for developers to create innovative Industrial applications leveraging the latest industry standards and features.”

Enhancements and new features of Automate 1.1 and Propel 2.1 include:

Automate 1.1

  • Local to Cloud Real-time Networking – Supports industry standard OPC UA for cloud connectivity in addition to embedded real-time local processing capabilities;
  • Increased processor performance and scalability enhancements; and
  • More flexible configuration with more nodes without sacrificing the data latency.

Propel 2.1

  • Support for a new RISC-V RV32IMC core providing improved performance and “M” (multiply/divide) extension functionality;
  • Additional IP cores including Tri-speed ethernet MAC, multi-port memory controller, 10Gb ethernet and PCIe; and
  • Enhanced on-chip debugging allowing concurrent processor and logic debug with a single download cable.