Labcenter Electronics and SamacSys collaboration

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SamacSys, a provider of electronic component CAD models and library services, has completed a new integration with Labcenter Electronics, the makers of the Proteus Design Suite PCB Software.

This collaboration will support Proteus customers by directly integrating the SamacSys platform of free design resources, including PCB footprints, schematic symbols and 3D models for more than 15 million components.

“Working with Labcenter to integrate our eCAD model platform within Proteus is very exciting,” said Alex MacDougall, CEO at SamacSys. “Labcenter chose to partner with SamacSys to provide an industry-leading user experience for engineers using Proteus v8.9 and beyond. Proteus customers are now able to search online and download PCB symbols, footprints and 3D models directly from within the tool. With component library management now fully automated, importing models into a design is done in a single click. Our partnership with Labcenter helps Proteus users save critical time during the design process and will further enhance future Proteus versions.”

“Access to Samacsys’ vast libraries of parts directly from the library pick dialogue form in Proteus builds on our previous integration to make the user workflow truly seamless,” said Iain Cliffe, executive director at Labcenter Electronics. “Proteus users can now search and import library parts from a web database with over 15 million parts and can even submit free build requests if a part doesn’t exist. We view this as a best in class solution to the persistent user problem of library part creation.”

Seen as a leader in component library solutions, SamacSys has over 250,000 users in more than 180 countries; its customers range from individual makers to professional engineers to international brands.

Labcenter’s Proteus Design Suite software is a professional EDA tool for mainstream PCB design. The library part integration with SamacSys is being described as a major productivity win for Proteus users and complements well the other features and resources that Labcenter already provides for its worldwide user base of the Proteus Design Suite.