Kontron and Anevia collaborate on a solution for video delivery at the network edge

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Kontron has partnered with Anevia, a provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, to offer an edge caching technology that reduces video traffic in the core network for operators and improve quality of experience (QoE) for viewers.

The solution looks to target content service providers (CSPs), telco operators, broadcasters and OTT service providers.

Due to the exponential growth of mobile video content consumption, service providers and enterprises are seeking better ways to manage video network traffic. 5G networks are driving greater video consumption, leading to a large amount of traffic in the network that could result in lower-quality end-user experiences.

Kontron and Anevia have collaborated and embraced a distributed network architecture as a means to offload video retrieval tasks from the core and move the related data processing as close to end-users as physically possible.

The combined offering runs Anevia NEA-CDN software on Kontron's ME1100 mobile edge computing servers that are compact enough to fit into street cabinets - closest to where the viewers of the content reside. The benefits of having a distributed offloading solution that performs most of the video caching at edge locations - near mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. - include lower CapEx and bandwidth costs, easier scalability, and better user experience due to reduced response times.

The ME1100 series has been designed to be robust which makes it appealing for operators looking to unlock cloud-computing capabilities within the radio access network (RAN) or enable demanding applications such as artificial intelligence, data caching, ultra-low latency, and high-bandwidth edge applications, amongst others. The ruggedized hardware form factor is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, operate in harsh environments and seamlessly adapt to the CSP's virtual infrastructure to deliver broadcast-quality video to end subscribers.

"Telcos increasingly want to optimise the use of their existing infrastructure by investing in smaller delivery nodes that they can easily add to their geographically distributed facilities" explained David Tencer, Product Owner, Anevia. "This joint video caching solution allows them to simply expand the edge of their network, instead of having to change what already works."

Anevia's NEA-CDN v5 is the first cloud-native private CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution. It provides operators with a centrally orchestrated and elastic CDN, designed to scale on small caches that can be added and removed seamlessly and cost-effectively to follow the changing needs of viewers.