Keysight gains PTCRB validation of 5G mmWave radio resource management test cases

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Keysight Technologies has gained PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) validation of test cases that enable chipset vendors to verify that devices equipped with their 5G mmWave designs accurately manage the reception of two concurrent signals.

This milestone, focused on radio resource management (RRM) in two angle of arrival (2AoA) test scenarios, was achieved by using Keysight's S8705A RF/RRM DVT and Conformance Toolset and a 5G mmWave modem from a chipset provider.

"Keysight is pleased to deliver the first 3GPP conformance test capability using the company's advanced emulation platforms for real-world over-the-air testing," said Muthu Kumaran, General Manager of Keysight's device validation solutions business.

PTCRB, an organisation comprised of mobile operators based in North America, operates a certification programme that is supported by Keysight's suite of 4G and 5G network emulation solutions.

Early access to PTCRB approved test cases for validating 5G mmWave designs in two angle of arrival (2AoA) test scenarios will enable vendors to develop devices that accurately manage the reception of signals from different angles, resulting in optimised network performance and a much better end-user experience.

The validation follows a number of Keysight achievements in both PTCRB and the Global Certification Forum (GCF) over the past twelve months, resulting in accelerated 5G mmWave device development around the world.

Among a number of Keysight firsts are:

  • GCF validation of conformance test cases for certifying the 5G mmWave radio frequency (RF) transceiver (TRX) and protocol performance in October 2020, extending 5G new radio (NR) device certification across any 3GPP frequency band.
  • GCF validation of 5G mmWave test cases in January 2021 supporting radio frequency (RF) demodulation, a key 5G NR feature that optimises overall device performance.
  • GCF validation of 5G mmWave RRM test cases for 1AoA in April 2021, allowing users to verify new designs in a real-world emulation environment.
  • GCF validation of 5G mmWave RF TRX test cases for certifying 5G NR devices in standalone (SA) mode in July 2021, speeding deployment of advanced 5G use cases.