Kerlink and Microshare have announced that their stations and sensors are powering a new building-and-asset-management solution created by Aramark, a specialist in facilities management.

Kerlink, a specialist in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and Microshare, a data-management solution provider are supporting a new platform that's been designed to help facility owners and operators deliver a safer and better-performing workplace.

The Aramark Intelligent Workplace EXperience, or AIWX Connect, is a technology platform that uses digital inputs from building systems, wireless sensors, and occupant feedback to provide real-time data about building performance, occupant satisfaction and space utilisation. A key feature of the platform is the increased flexibility it offers facility owners and managers to help protect building occupants from Covid-19.

“Covid-19 has increased the need for building managers to better understand employee traffic patterns and how workspace is utilised, to ensure the office is properly maintained,” said John Hanner, president, Aramark’s Facilities Services division. “AIWX Connect combines the power of data with the knowledge of operations, to create safer environments and improved building performance.”

Aramark, based in Philadelphia, developed AIWX Connect to address the variables of knowing when, where and, most important, how to allocate resources to the most-needed areas, based on actual demand. The platform leverages real-time data gathered by Microshare’s IoT platform transmitted by Kerlink equipment with Aramark’s deep facilities expertise to identify actionable insights for improvement. These actions are integrated into an operating delivery model and planning programs to significantly improve the user experience and building performance.

“Smart IoT solutions that closely monitor both occupancy and status of buildings and facilities are key to reopening spaces that had to close because of the pandemic’s spread,” said Charles Paumelle, Microshare’s chief product officer. “By combining Kerlink and Microshare’s expertise, which was jointly demonstrated in our 2020 collaboration to enable contact tracing, we have helped deploy systems that will bring buildings into the IoT era.”