JH Audio debuts Sharona In-Ear monitor

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Knowles, a provider of advanced audio solutions, has partnered with JH Audio in the development of the company’s new in-ear monitor.

The Sharona is a 16-driver IEM with four-way crossover that’s been designed to deliver best-in-class sound quality. JH Audio is a specialist developer of in-ear technology and the Sharona as the first IEM to incorporate the new Knowles balanced armature Supertweeter.

The Knowles Supertweeter features a patented coil design with reduced inductance, paired with a specially constructed high-stiffness, low-mass reed, to deliver much improved output and treble frequency extension without requiring an amplifier or transformer. The Supertweeter’s small form factor is easier to integrate compared to alternative technologies such as MEMS or electrostatic drivers. The device’s small size and ability to reach an ultra-high frequency of 40kHz also make it suitable for delivering lossless and high-resolution audio in premium True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones.

Sharona hits the pro audio market with a proprietary design comprised of 16 Knowles balanced armatures: four Supertweeters, four woofers, four midranges, and four tweeters. The Supertweeter in tandem with the other 12 drivers enables high-definition audio to give musicians a more realistic music experience.

“Exceptional sound quality is a key differentiator for musicians and sound engineers who rely on in-ear monitors on stage and in the studio,” said Jon Kiachian, Vice President and GM of Knowles Hearing Health Technologies. “The new Supertweeter offers exceptionally clean extended treble via its unique coil and reed designs, and we’re proud to partner with JH Audio as they continue to create solutions favoured by music professionals and audiophiles alike.”

“We've been trying to achieve this frequency response for years. It wasn't possible until JH Audio partnered with Knowles to develop the new Supertweeter,” explained Jerry Harvey, President & Founder at JH Audio. “The addition of the Supertweeter delivers expansive stereo imagery full of depth and width while creating more air for high-range reproduction.”