Instant cloud migration possible with WhiteSpider Hybrid Cloud Solution

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A new hybrid cloud solution will enable organisations to build and move services from one cloud service to another within a single, one-touch solution.

The ‘WhiteSpider Hybrid Cloud’ solution is among the first in Europe to provide one-touch automated service instantiation and service migration and is said to deliver a better quality of experience and optimised operations for users.

Physical data centres have constraints on their location and the speed of scalability, along with significant upfront costs, and the public cloud can also carry high ongoing operational and migration costs.

In response, WhiteSpider’s Hybrid Cloud service has been designed to offer enhanced scalability, enabling the expansion or contraction of services based on business demands whilst migrating data to the unlimited space available through cloud-based services.

“WhiteSpider’s Hybrid Cloud offers unparalleled flexibility where cloud migration is concerned”, said WhiteSpider Managing Director Phil Lees. “Whether it be a web, a storage, or an SD-WAN service, it can be built instantly in any cloud, then moved seamlessly between your private and public cloud to where it’s needed most. This is all managed and provisioned as code rather than manual processes, allowing the implementation of any type of service, at any scale, onto any cloud service required.”

Built on Cisco and VMware technologies, the solution is compatible with all major public cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Through WhiteSpider’s Hybrid Cloud, users will be able to rapidly move workloads to where they are needed, whether for cost, compliance or security reasons, and gain visibility of data as it traverses the cloud services.

Consequently, users will have access to a service that provides organisations with data sovereignty and complete oversight over the location and availability of their services.

The Hybrid Cloud solution is orchestrated through WhiteSpider’s custom tool, Merlin, which controls the instantiation, management, and monitoring of the infrastructure, giving customers full visibility and insight into the full cloud stack. Through Merlin, WhiteSpider can call upon a library of integrations to support any vendor the customer wishes to utilise.

“We are excited to be presenting the service for the first time at Cisco Live. We look forward to showing attendees how we can help them unlock the full potential of their cloud-based solutions'', continued Lees. “Cisco Live will provide the perfect opportunity to connect with our clients and demonstrate our unique ability to tailor specific solutions for organisations navigating the complex world of hybrid cloud migration.”

Cisco Live is taking place in Amsterdam from the 6-9 February.