Infineon simplifies IoT device-to-cloud authentication

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Infineon Technologies has launched a new service that automates cloud certificate provisioning and IoT device-to-cloud authentication.

CIRRENT Cloud ID is an easy-to-use service that extends the chain of trust and makes tasks easier and more secure from chip-to-cloud, while at the same time lowering companies’ total cost of ownership.

Cloud ID is suitable for cloud-connected product companies in the industrial, consumer, healthcare, medical and manufacturing industries.

“IoT product companies have struggled for years to simplify manufacturing, security, and provisioning,” said Rob Conant, Vice President of Software and Ecosystem at Infineon. “Cloud ID builds on Infineon’s capability in embedded security, combined with the CIRRENT cloud services, to extend the chain of trust from the chip-to-the-cloud, addressing the manufacturing, security, and provisioning problems in a unique way.”

Companies developing IoT devices have, in the past, had to make a number of trade-offs between IT complexity and security. They could choose complex and expensive solutions involving the installation of hardware security modules (HSM) in their manufacturing lines and requiring secure IT processes, or they could choose simpler solutions that were easier and less expensive to implement but had substantial security flaws.

According to Infineon, its Cloud ID breaks that paradigm by providing cryptographic security with a cloud-based certificate delivery mechanism and simplifying manufacturing processes.

Cloud ID has a number of advantages over traditional approaches. For example:

  • Simplifies the manufacturing processes, while maintaining the capability to have individual certificates without complex IT systems and processes
  • Provides asymmetric key security that leverage Infineon’s trusted security and the strength of the X.509 certificates without the complex infrastructure
  • Comes with automatic provisioning to the cloud. Users can configure a cloud-to-cloud connection and provisioning with a private cloud, public cloud, or AWS IoT Core
  • Provides users the ability to monitor, track, and audit registration and provisioning
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by replacing NRE and operational costs of an HSM.

The Cloud ID is quick to set up. A user sets up a free CIRRENT account and configures cloud-to-cloud connection between the CIRRENT Cloud ID Service and their Product Cloud. A Cloud ID compatible batch of chips, containing X.509 certificates, are delivered to the manufacturing location, where a technician registers them using a smartphone. The X.509 certificates are automatically provisioned to the product cloud. Users can then log into the CIRRENT console to download their certificates, audit and track registrations and provisioning.