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Infineon introduces ‘energy efficient and cost attractive’ alternative to mosfets

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Infineon has launched the 500V CoolMOS CE series as an alternative to standard mosfets in price sensitive applications, such as lighting and consumer electronics.

The company claims their Superjunction technology offers improved efficiency, especially at light load conditions. The series apparently combines the benefits of mosfets, such as low area specific on state resistance, reduced switching losses and high body diode ruggedness. Jan-Willem Reynaerts, product segment head of high voltage power conversion at Infineon, said: "The new 500V portfolio enables our customers to reach higher energy efficiency levels while at the same time offering a very attractive price performance ratio, which makes this new set of CoolMOS CE devices an excellent alternative to standard mosfets in targeted applications." Infineon says the low area specific on state resistance (R DS(on)*A) enables lower conduction losses, reduces energy stored in output capacitance (E oss) and minimises switching losses. Meanwhile, the lower gate charge (Q g) improves light load efficiency while not compromising full load efficiency. A high body diode ruggedness and reduced reverse recovery charge (Q rr) means they are suited for soft switching applications.