Imperas unveils RISC-V solutions to aid developers

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Imperas Software, a supplier of RISC-V models and simulation solutions, has unveiled its latest product updates as part of a general release to all its customers and users.

These updates include the latest models of RISC-V processors, ImperasDV processor verification solutions and the virtual platform-based tools for software development and architecture exploration. Imperas has also updated the free RISC-V instruction set simulator (ISS), riscvOVPsimPlus. 

Imperas OVP RISC-V models support the full range of the RISC-V specification, including support for both ratified and stable, unratified specifications.  The models are fully configurable for the full specification, including user choice of the version of each extension. 

The models, when used with the Imperas simulators, are also fast. For example, a typical performance under a normal software load is 500 million instructions per second. 

In addition to generic RISC-V models, the Imperas OVP Processor Model Library supports models of processor IP from Andes, Codasip, Imagination, Intel, lowRISC, Microsemi, MIPS, NSI-TEXE, OpenHW Group, SiFive and Tenstorrent. 

The Imperas models can also be user-modified to add custom features including instructions and CSRs. 

The Imperas RISC-V models are the key technology for both the ImperasDV processor verification solution and for the virtual platforms.  ImperasDV consists of the RISC-V reference model, verification IP to facilitate communication between the RTL simulation environment and the Imperas reference model subsystem and riscvISACOV SystemVerilog functional coverage modules. 

ImperasDV supports an asynchronous continuous compare verification methodology, which enables verification of complex processor features including interrupts, Debug mode, privilege modes, multi-hart processors and processors with multi-issue and out-of-order pipelines. 

Virtual platforms (instruction accurate software simulation) for software development are deemed a must-have for software/systems of any complexity (AI/ML SoCs are a good example), or with quality, reliability, safety or security requirements. 

Imperas virtual platform products enable schedule reduction and enhanced debug and software analysis.  Additionally, tools such as advanced tracing and profiling help users with architecture exploration, including evaluation of the impact of custom instructions on the RISC-V processor.

Imperas products are also integrated within other standard EDA environments, such as SystemC, SystemVerilog, and well-known simulation and emulation tools from Cadence, Siemens EDA, and Synopsys.

“As RISC-V matures and adoption increases, the RISC-V ecosystem including both hardware implementation and software development tools becomes increasingly important to the success of individual RISC-V projects,” said Simon Davidmann, CEO, Imperas Software. “Imperas RISC-V Solutions are enabling our range of users, over 150 different organisations, to achieve their RISC-V project objectives.”

The latest release of the Imperas simulation and analysis products and reference models are available now.