Imagination targets cost-sensitive consumer devices with latest GPU

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Imagination Technologies is looking to bring new visual experiences to cost-sensitive consumer devices with the release of the IMG CXM GPU range, which includes the smallest GPU to support HDR user interfaces natively.

The new range is a response to a trend among consumers who are increasingly looking for visuals on their smart home platforms that are as detailed, and responsive as those that they are accustomed to on their mobile devices. At the same time, a growing number of content providers are aligning the look and feel of their application’s user interfaces with their cinematic content, by integrating advanced features such as 4K and HDR.

Three new configurations extend the range of performance options already available in Imagination’s GPU family of products that are targeting the consumer space:

CXM-2-64: which is the smallest GPU to support native HDR applications, suitable for wearable devices, SmartHubs or mainstream set-top boxes.

CXM-4-64: an efficient core suitable for integrating into SmartHubs, set-top boxes or mainstream DTVs.

CXM-4-128: a performance dense option for premium DTVs.

According to James Chapman, Chief Product Officer, Imagination Technologies, “These new CXM GPUs are a significant step up from our widely licensed IMG BXE and BXM range. We’ve taken that highly scalable, area efficient architecture, boosted its performance density and added key features, such as native support for HDR, that will transform user experiences and propel our customers to success in the consumer market. I expect to see CXM GPUs deployed in devices as diverse as wearables and premium 8K DTVs.”

The IMG CXM GPUs provide support for 10bits RGBA/YUV and delivers a HDR graphical user interface with images with less visible banding. 4xMSAA efficiently smooths the outlines of texts and images.

TFBCv2, the new generation of Imagination’s Tiny Frame Buffer Compression, delivers higher quality lossy/lossless compression and an additional compression level (37.5%) for improved design flexibility.

The IMG CXM GPU range also boasts nearly a 50% uplift in performance density compared to the IMG BXM range, opening up more performance in the same silicon area, and the range is supported by cutting-edge software that supports the latest API trends, including Vulkan 1.3, and has been optimised for several leading CPU architectures including Arm and RISC-V application processors.

Imagination GPUs are also suitable for RISC-V projects and are silicon-proven shipping in multiple products across a wide range of use cases.