Imagination Technologies has announced that it is working on a Creator board for the IoT market, to accompany its Creator Ci20 microcomputer. It is called Creator Ci40 and features an innovative MIPS-based chip.

The chip at the heart of the Creator Ci40 development board has been manufactured by GLOBALFOUNDRIES on a 40nm low power process node. Imagination claims that other boards for IoT tend to reuse chips made for mobile or networking devices, but says it has created a custom IoT subsystem that has been tuned for a range of IoT requirements and connectivity standards. For example, the chip has built-in wireless capabilities, supporting both hi-speed Wi-Fi but also low energy Bluetooth.

The chip features a dual-core MIPS interAptiv CPU; each interAptiv CPU is said to implement hardware multithreading optimised for maximum efficiency and low power consumption.

The development board is expected to be released later in 2015.