IEEE looks to pick up VSIA work

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Following the announcement by the VSI Alliance (VSIA) that it will cease its operations, the IEEE has formed two study groups to explore the creation of standards based on the VSIA’s work on the Quality IP (QIP) Metric and encryption.

“I’m pleased to be working with VSIA to transition its technology into the IEEE,” said Victor Berman, chair of the IEEE’s Design Automation Standards Committee. “Its technology complements many IEEE SoC design standards, so adding it to our standardisation activities will benefit the electronics industry and extend IEEE’s expertise into areas of increasing importance.” The VSIA QIP Metric standard gives companies a way to evaluate IP from internal groups or third parties, whilst its encryption work, based on a document contributed by Simplicity, aims to provide a standard to safeguard semiconductor IP cores. The study groups will make their recommendations on whether or not to proceed with formal standards development in the next 90 days. “We are pleased that the IEEE has formed study groups to investigate developing standards based on our QIP and encryption work,” said Kathy Werner, VSIA president. “These areas represent thousands of man-hours of engineering work donated by leading electronics companies. We have brought them to the IEEE because it has become the home for SoC design standards.”