IAR Systems and Secure Thingz look to accelerate Microsoft Azure IoT migration

1 min read

IAR Systems, a supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, and Secure Thingz, have unveiled a complete “development to deployment” solution for Microsoft Azure IoT and RTOS platforms.

The solution looks to enable the rapid development and simplified deployment of devices ensuring out-of-the-box connectivity.

With applications transitioning from traditional embedded devices to cloud-orientated edge compute nodes, there is a need to integrate cloud connectivity into both the development and manufacturing processes, so as to create a seamless secure supply chain. This new solution integrates cloud-ready identity and robust root-of-trust technology, delivering a “cloud-first” solution.

The integration of the complete development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench and the security development tool Embedded Trust, coupled with Microsoft’s Cloud Device Provisioning Services (DPS), looks to ensure that enterprises will be able to deliver products that are uniquely cryptographically identifiable, with secured software installation, leading edge secure update management, and secured production management. The delivery of development-orientated security for the first time ensures that bad actors will not have any entry points into the development to deployment flow, protecting intellectual property, inhibiting malware, and delivering trust in every connected device.

“It is only by designing for security and cloud connectivity at the inception of the development process that we can truly ensure protection of devices, intellectual property, customer data and software updates,” said Haydn Povey, Chief Strategy Officer at IAR Systems and CEO at Secure Thingz. “Secure development and secure manufacturing of devices, coupled with tight integration of strong cryptographic identity and valet services to ensure OEM credentials are meshed securely into Microsoft’s Azure services, means that cloud-first strategies are available to every developer and enterprise.”

“Building with Microsoft Azure RTOS and being cloud ready delivers the Microsoft vision for connected devices,” explained Tony Shakib, General Manager, Azure IoT at Microsoft. “The ability to develop and deploy pre-onboarded devices which are implicitly cloud aware means everyone can rapidly connect devices to services and reduce time-to-data."