Hitaltech signed to distribute Omron components

Hitaltech has been appointed as an authorised distributor for Omron Electronic Components. As part of the deal, Hitaltech will offer Omron’s range of FPC-FFC connectors, including the XF3M, pictured, said to be ideal for applications requiring a connection between an LCD panel and a PCB or for other board to board connections.

“We are focused on design-in applications, working with engineers to offer solutions for their design requirements,” said Hitaltech managing director Andrew Fitzer. “The inclusion of Omron’s FFC-FPC connector range is synergetic with our existing range of products, allowing us to now offer our customers a connector which is compatible with our flexible cables.”

The FFC-FPC connector has a height of 2mm and a depth of 6.4mm when locked. A dual contact structure enable the cable to be inserted either way up and, to simplify insertion, the connector can accept cable inserted at an angle and then lock securely. It accepts 0.3mm thick FPC or FFC cable and is available in 0.5mm and 1mm pitches.