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Highest DDR3 memory capacity on smallest system area?

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Said to provide 'the highest DDR3 memory capacity on the smallest possible system area', Swissbit has extended its industrial range of high performance/high reliability sdram memory products with three new 8GB density modules.

According to the dram specialist, the 8GB DDR SODIMM, 8GB DDR3 SO-UDIMM with ECC and the 8GB registered DIMM are designed for applications with a high requirement of main memory running on the latest multicore cpus. The three module types use the latest Samsung 4Gb DDR3 components, offering one of the smallest module dimensions and low power consumption compared to the 2Gb solutions. Swissbit states that they allow system populations of 16GB on COM or SBC boards and higher densities on industrial servers. The low power consumption is said to guarantee reliable operation in systems with critical cooling conditions and supports green environmental initiatives. The 8GB SODIMMs are available with or without ECC support, running at DDR3-1333. The 8GB registered DIMM comes in a low profile form factor with a height of 0.7in due to the small dram package size and is ideally suited for blade systems. According to Swissbit, each module has been tested at low and high temperatures and are available in both commercial 0 to 85°C (TCase) and industrial -40 to 95°C (TCase) temperature grades at PC3-10600 speed grade. The 8GB modules are compliant to the respective JEDEC DDR3 specifications and are supported by the latest DDR3 memory controllers.