High voltage MOSFET improves efficiency in power applications

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Infineon Technologies has added the 600V CoolMOS P7 and 600V CoolMOS C7 Gold product families to its MOSFET portfolio. The parts are designed to operate at 600V breakdown voltage and to deliver improved superjunction MOSFET performance. Both families are said to achieve unmatched power density in their target applications.

The P7 is aimed at applications such as chargers, adaptors, lighting, TV and PC power, with power classes ranging from 100W to 15kW. The device is said to enable efficiency gains of up to 1.5% compared to competitive devices and to offers a thermal benefit of up to 4.2°C.

With an Rds(on) ranging from 37mΩ to 600mΩ for the surface mount and through hole variants, the P7 range is said to have an ESD robustness of more than 2kV. Meanwhile, a rugged body diode protects the device during hard commutation events in LLC circuits.

The C7 Gold range features a lower Rds(on), minimised gate charge and reduced energy stored in the output capacitance. It also features a four pin Kelvin source capability. These features minimise losses in PFC and LLC circuits and offer a performance gain of 0.6%, as well as higher full load efficiency in PFC circuits. A parasitic source inductance of 1nH also contributes to increased efficiency.

In a TO-leadless package, C7 Gold – said to feature the lowest Rds(on), ranging from 28mΩ to 150mΩ – offers a 30% footprint reduction, whilst being 50% thinner that a D²PAK packaged device.