Now in its 16th year, Embedded World showed no signs of slowing. For the first time, the Germany-based exhibition saw more than 2,000 conference participants and speakers, discussing news and products relating this year’s theme: ‘Embedded Goes Autonomous’.

Stretching across six halls, more than 1,000 companies from around the world exhibited at the international event to an audience of over 32,000 embedded experts.

Among the exhibitors was Harwin, who announced its durable, versatile and stackable high density board-to-board connectors.

Harwin demonstrated how its Archer Kontrol family could be connected to boards seamlessly and in more than one orientation, enabling easy connection and reducing the likelihood of pin breakage. The fully shrouded design adds to the robustness and should allow these connectors to withstand the lateral and twisting forces encountered in vibration prone application settings.

The Archer Kontrols are designed to provide engineers with a robust, yet flexible interconnect solution for industrial tasks and can be supplied horizontally or vertically.

Covering 12 to 80 contact pin formats, these 1.27mm pitch connectors are said to have a current rating of 1.2A per contact.

The connectors have also been designed with space in mind and should offer greater retention to the PCB, as they’ve been configured for surface mounting and facilitate automated assembly processes, with hold-down solder tabs.

The family includes parallel board-to-board, or right-angle mother-to-daughterboard configurations and are compatible with popular standard connector types.

The connectors are said to feature a minimum insulation resistance of 1000MΩ, are voltage proof to 500VAC and have an operational temperature range spanning from 55°C to 125°C. Up to 500 mating/un-mating cycles are supported.

Next-generation solutions

Socionext and Varjo used Embedded World to announce an ongoing co-operation around Varjo’s next-generation VR/XR solutions.

The VR/XR headset is based on a combination of Varjo’s patented human-eye resolution technology and Socionext’s Milbeaut image signal processing solutions.

Varjo tested the limits with its headset display, which is said to be able to visualise images at 70MP with a 100° field-of-view, a capability far beyond current first-generation VR headsets.

The camera processing is extremely complicated and so required a high quality imaging resolution, provided by Socionext’s Milbeaut image signal processor technology.

Real-time measurements

Performing real-time measurements was the promise from Rigol, who released a family of cost-effective spectrum analysers.

The RSA5000 devices are based on the Rigol-developed Ultra-Real technology and are developed for those who have demanding analysis tasks, but limited budgets.

Due to the addition of a 3.2/6.5GHz tracking generator, the device can be used as both a spectrum analyser, with a maximum bandwidth of 40MHz, and as a scalar network analyser.

It also includes fully digital Intermediate Frequency technology, which Rigol said will offer accurate and high resolution measurements from 9kHz to 3.2GHz and 6.5GHz respectively.

Compression makes an impression

SEGGER extended its compression software family with the addition of emCompress-ToGo and believes with its present line-up, it has the optimum compression solution for any application.

SEGGER based the latest addition on its compression algorithm, which has been specifically developed for embedded systems with almost no RAM.

The emCompress-ToGo is said to feature high speed, low memory usage on target compression and decompression with no RAM used other than a buffer holding uncompressed data.

Although geared towards embedded systems, the emCompress family can also be used to embed data in a PC or other applications. It also offers support for standard compression schemes.

Ultimate Cloud access

Express Logic announced it will be the first to enable sensor and edge/gateway device connectivity to all leading Cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Alibaba and Microsoft Azure.

Partnering with Brightside, a security lab, Express Logic said it will perform the deeply embedded industry’s first EAL4+ security certification for Cloud connectivity.

It added that its ThreadX RTOS is at the heart of the X-Ware IoT platform, which is designed to provide embedded developers with priority-based pre-emptive scheduling, pre-emption-threshold scheduling, optimised context switching, real-time event trace, downloadable memory-protected application modules and full determinism – all accessed through an API.

The X-Ware IoT Platform is said to include NetX Secure TLS/DTLS to provide an industrial-grade, secure IoT connectivity solution that allows a choice of access to all cloud providers using these protocols.

Mission critical applications

Silicon Motion Technology rolled out the FerriSSD, a single-chip SSD, featuring a PCle Gen 3 NVMe 1.3 interface for high-performance mission critical applications.

The SM689 supports PCIe Gen 3x4 interface, while the SM681 supports PCI Gen 3x2 interface - exhibiting sequential read speed of up to 1.45GB/s and sequential write speed of up to 650MB/s.

Both are designed to support multiple capacity configurations, ranging from 16GB to 256GB and include enterprise-grade advanced data integrity and reliability capabilities using Silicon Motion’s proprietary end-to-end data protection, ECC and data caching technologies.