Handheld spectrum analyser has frequency coverage up to 43GHz

Anritsu has introduced the MS272xC Spectrum Master series which it claims provides the broadest frequency range ever available in a handheld spectrum analyser.

It provides frequency coverage up to 43GHz and weighs less than 8lbs.The series is also designed with an assortment of applications to test the rf physical layer, to monitor over-the-air signals, locate interferers and detect hidden transmitters. Five models, with high-end frequency coverage of 9, 13, 20, 32 and 43GHz, respectively, are available in the new range. According to Anritsu, the MS272xC is a superior product compared to existing handheld and benchtop spectrum analysers. It is said to eliminate the need to carry heavy benchtop spectrum analysers into the field to measure signals above 20GHz, such as those used in microwave backhaul applications. It is integrated with a spectrum analyser and can be ordered with a channel scanner and interference analyser to conduct all common field measurements, eliminating the need for multiple instruments.