GF and GlobalWafers sign MOU to increase supply of 300mm SOI wafers

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Globalfoundries (GF) and GlobalWafers (GWC), a leading silicon wafer manufacturer, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop a long-term supply agreement for 300mm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers.

GWC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 200mm SOI wafers, and has a long and ongoing relationship with GF for supplying 200mm SOI wafers. GWC also manufactures 300mm SOI wafers, and under the anticipated supply agreement, GWC and GF will collaborate closely to significantly expand GWC’s 300mm SOI wafer manufacturing capacity.

GF intends to use the resulting additional supply of 300mm SOI wafers to meet the growing demand for its industry-leading RF SOI technologies, which are optimised to deliver a low power, high performance, and easy-to-integrate solution for current and next-generation mobile and 5G applications.

“We are pleased with this opportunity to extend the long-standing partnership between GlobalFoundries and GWC, in light of the market evolution toward next-generation RF applications,” said Doris Hsu, Chairman and CEO of GWC. “Ultimately, this collaboration will lead to even greater success for both companies.”