Frontier adopts Google technology for next generation audio products

Frontier Silicon has signed an agreement with Google that will see the inclusion of Google's Cast for Audio technology in the next generation of Frontier's audio solutions, which are planned to ship in the first half of 2016.

Anthony Sethill, CEO of Frontier's parent company Toumaz Group, said: "Our agreement with Google will provide a major boost to our connected audio business in 2016 and beyond. In recent months, we have benefited from strong market growth and achieved a number of important design wins for our existing connected audio platform. With the addition of Cast for Audio, we expect to drive this growth further."

Cast for Audio – which uses the same technology as the Chromecast video streaming platform – allows users to stream music services directly from the cloud to Cast enabled speakers. Meanwhile, Frontier's technology solution allows consumer audio companies to build connected audio devices, such as Wi-Fi speakers and soundbars, quickly and easily and Cast for Audio is said to be a significant addition to its product portfolio.