Frequency multipliers push signal generator performance to 110GHz

With three new frequency multipliers, Rohde & Schwarz is extending the frequency range of its microwave signal generators to 110GHz. According to the company, the frequency multipliers in the SMZ family are the first to offer users the choice of either mechanically or electronically controlled built in attenuator options.

The multipliers have been developed to complement the SMF100A microwave signal generator. In addition to controlling the SMZ frequency multipliers, the SMF100A also monitors and corrects frequency and level values automatically. The SMZ family simplifies complex test setup as no external attenuator is necessary. Users have the option of selecting either a mechanically or electronically controlled built in attenuator, with a dynamic range of 15dB or 25dB respectively. The three models in the range are the SMZ75 (50GHz to 75GHz), the SMZ90 (60GHz to 90GHz) and the SMZ110 (75GHz to 110GHz).