First GPU core based on Furian architecture unveiled

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The first GPU IP core based on Imagination’s PowerVR Furian architecture is said to offer leading performance, power and area, as well as features for customers designing SoCs for products such as high-end smartphones and tablets, VR and AR devices, infotainment and ADAS systems.

Chris Longstaff, senior director of product and technology marketing, pictured,said: “The GT8525 is the first of a range of Series8XT GPUs designed around our highly efficient and scalable Furian architecture. This IP core delivers on the market requirements for a number of high-volume applications. It continues and strengthens the performance/mW leadership position of the PowerVR XT family, whilst supporting a rich set of features.”

Compared to the Series7XT GT7200 GPU, the twin cluster GT8525 offers an improvement of more than 50frame/s on the Manhattan benchmark and a similar improvement in the Antutu benchmark. It also doubles the pixel/clock throughput, leading to higher resolution graphics.

The Furian architecture, announced in March, features a 32-wide ALU cluster design for better performance density and efficiency. A new instruction set architecture in the primary and secondary ALU pipelines enables improves resource use and efficiency, with multithreading optimisations bringing flexible access to on-chip memory.